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As terrible as it sounds, the true reality of life is death. We are all born to die. The most heartbreaking pain in life is the loss of a loved one. Life is so precious and full of surprises; treasure and enjoy every single moment of each and every day. Learn to forgive, not hold grudges and love unconditionally. Remember, your tongue can be sharper than a sword. The words you speak may break a person’s heart, or bring great joy to their lives. One of the greatest blessings of life is our spirit; once we have lost our spirit we have lost everything. Live and walk in faith. Acknowledge that we have no control of what tomorrow may hold. Life and time are true blessings and a precious gift.  

As a funeral director, I have had the privilege of meeting thousands of families. In doing so, I have been able to absorb valuable life lessons. The best advice I can share with you and your family is not to hold guilt in your hearts. Find a way to release it. Holding guilt in your hearts can be an agonizing pain that plays on your body, mind, heart and soul. Ask for forgiveness, and forgive those who need to be forgiven. Do not be afraid to say I am sorry, or I love you. Love more often. Spend valuable and precious time with those you love. Create memories that will be forever engraved in your hearts. Never leave people on a bad note. You never know if you will see that person alive on earth again.

When a loved one passes, it is too late to change what has been said and what had been done. Please, do not wait another day. Fix what is broken, say what needs to be said and clear your hearts of any guilt while you still can. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Too often, I feel the pain of those who say “I should have,” “I could have,” “if only I had another chance.” If you feel like you are in this position, your chance to change is right now. 

In my opinion, we need more love in the world. We need to take care of one another. The world is drastically changing. Hold onto your family values. Have strong morals, continue to respect one another and never judge people. Reach out and touch those who need you today. Communicate with one another. Life is too short to hold hate in your hearts. When a loved one passes, have zero regrets and celebrate the life they lived while on this earth. Death is something you need to talk about with your family. It is part of life and sooner or later death will cross your path. Dealing with death is no different than dealing with insurance on your car or house.  

Prior to my father’s passing, I was fortunate enough to be able to speak with him about his final wishes. When my dad passed, I could clearly see the light and a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders. I knew exactly what his wishes were and followed through with each and every one of his final requests. This honestly helped to diminish the sting of death and allowed myself and surviving family to grieve with peace of mind. Death is the most natural element we face in life. Celebrate the life of a loved one the best way you know how. It is important to acknowledge the life of a loved one.  May their memory be eternal and everlasting.

Do not be taken advantage of at your time of need. Voyage can help in your discussion regarding death by providing you a Wishes and Memories book, absolutely free of charge. This book will assist in opening the conversation and guide you through the most important conversation.  

Experience the Voyage difference. Voyage is a family owned and operated funeral home. Our foundation is truly built on strong Christian values. We believe in treating you and your loved one as we would our own. At Voyage, you will find no gimmicks, no hidden costs and no surprises. Voyage is the largest family-owned funeral home in Manitoba. We own and operate a state of the art cremation facility. We promise to take your loved one into our care with love, care and compassion. 

As a funeral director, I cannot take death away nor can I take away the pain.  I do however have empathy and will do my utmost best to carry your family through the most difficult experiences caused by death.  I promise to be honest, loving, caring, understanding and most of all have the greatest compassion, respect and dignity for your family, regardless of your situation. 


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