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Financial Assistance


There may be financial assistance available to help cover the cost of services.

Unexpected costs to your family. We understand.

Q: Will the Government help financially with payment toward funeral services?

A: They may, depending on the circumstances:

• Canada Pension Plan: 1-800-277-9914
• Old Age Security: 1-800-277-9914
• Veterans Affairs: 1-866-522-2122
• Workers Compensation: 1-855-954-4321
• Manitoba Public Insurance: 1-800-665-2410
• Last Post Fund: 1-800-465-7113
• Victim Services: 1-800-262-9344
• Employment & Income Assistance: 1-877-812-0014

Q: When someone passes away what information is required by the funeral home?

A: As a funeral home we are obligated to complete documentation required by Vital Statistics.
The following information of the deceased is essential:
• Legal given names
• Address
• Marital status
• Occupation
• Social Insurance Number
• Date of birth
• Place of birth
• Parents’ names including mother’s maiden name
• Parent’s places of birth
• Name of informant (next-of-kin):
• Address of informant
• Disposition arrangements (burial or cremation) At Voyage Funeral Home, every family we serve will receive a care package at no additional charge. This includes a guideline on how to handle the estate, four Funeral Director’s Statements of Death, Application Form & guideline for up to $2500 Canada Pension
Death Benefit, Application Form& guideline for the Canada Pension Plan Survivor’s Pension and Child(ren)’s Benefits, & Application for a Manitoba Death Document as well as a Guide from the Funeral Board of Manitoba.

Q: What services must a Funeral Director provide to the public?

A: Funeral Directors have an obligation to provide potential consumers of services and products with clear information to enable informed decision making.

A funeral director must:

• Provide complete and honest information about all services;
• Provide a full written list of prices of the services the consumer has selected, within the first meeting;
• Provide all communication in a clear and easily understood manner;
• Provide all information about laws, regulations and processes in a transparent and true manner;
• Ensure all advertising, including products, services and pricing is clear, truthful and presented in a manner that is not misleading;
• Protect the privacy of the deceased and the family, by protecting information from disclosure or use not permitted by law;
• Issue the funeral director’s statement(s) of death only after completing the Registration of Death for filing with Vital Statistics;
• Give the consumer a reasonable period of time alone to consider options before signing the contract;
• Provide twenty-four (24) hours to cancel the contract after the time of signing of the consumer, if the family has not directed immediate actions; and
• Ensure that a family member, lawyer, or independent advisor is present during the presentation about funeral services to a vulnerable person and during any signing of a contract.

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