Voyage has just launched a new ONLINE Cremation Service for $1395.00. What this means is that you complete the required forms needed online in the comfort of your home and Voyage takes care of the cremation process. Once the cremation process is complete, we schedule an appointment at one of our four locations to provide you with your Voyage Care Package as well as your loved ones cremated remains.

Voyage Funeral Home has established a solid foundation of trust, dignity and honesty. We take great strides to help serve our community and to help make a difference. We provide exceptional service and do not cut corners. We promise your family peace of mind knowing, and understanding, that we own and operate a state of the art crematorium. We guarantee continuity of care, meaning your loved one is in our care 100% of the time. Experience the Voyage difference.

This price of $1,395 applies to our new online cremation service which is applicable to at-need cremations only and does not apply to preplans, viewings or memorial services.

If you feel uncomfortable making online arrangements, we welcome you to meet with a licensed funeral director in person to discuss any concerns or plan for cremation and/or other services. The cost for this is $1,600.

If you have any questions please call Voyage Funeral Home at 204-668-3151 or email We have funeral directors on call 24/7. We guarantee no hidden costs. No surprises.

*NEW* Online Cremation Service for $1,395. Click for details.