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Q: Do we have to purchase an urn from Voyage Funeral Home?

A:   No, you can simply leave the remains 'in the cardboard container that we provide or you are welcome to bring in your own urn or container of any sort and we, would be happy to transfer the remains for you.

Q: Do we have to purchase a wood casket for our loved one to be cremated in?

A:   No, at Voyage, it's unnecessary as a cremation casket is included in our price for cremation.

Q: Is identification viewing at the Funeral Home mandatory?

A:   No, at Voyage a viewing does not take place unless family advises that they want to have this service. Our Funeral Director would explain what must occur in order for a viewing to take place.

 Q: When pre-planning at Voyage, is my money safe?  Where do the funds go?

A:   Yes, with Voyage, your money is 100% safe.  All funds are held with Assurant Life of Canada.

Q:  I have already pre-planned at another Funeral Home; can I transfer my policy to Voyage?

A:   Yes you can reassign your policy to Voyage very easily without any problem. Often times, your family is even reimbursed funds from the savings of transferring to Voyage.

Q: I have purchased cemetery property and/or I know where I would like to be buried, am I obligated to use the Funeral Home located at the cemetery?

A:   You are not obligated to use the funeral home on the cemetery grounds. Cemeteries are a separate identity and any funeral home can use any cemetery the family wishes.  Voyage services all cemeteries and places of worship. If there is a funeral home located at the cemetery you have chosen, you can make all of the arrangements at Voyage and we would follow through with your wishes exactly as they are.

Q: I'm on social assistance, who will pay for my funeral?

A:   Social Assistance will pay for cremation, cremation with a memorial service, or a full traditional service including casket and cemetery fees.

Q: What is done with the cremated remains?

A:   Cremated remains may be retained by the family, interred in a cemetery, placed in a niche in a columbarium, or scattered on one's private property or in a designated area of the cemetery. Scattering elsewhere should be done with appropriate approvals of property owners and/or municipal and environmental authorities.


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